...speaking the truth in love ~

~Teaching a Bible study...


Touch the Future

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...preaching in a prison ~

Ministering in a nursing home ~

Souls Harbor loves to refresh and strengthen ministers so that they can continue to serve their communities.

Fri, & Sat, 10:00am

...starting a preaching point~

Greg Godwin

Thurs, 7:30pm, Fri, 11:45am

Sat, 11:45am, Sun, 2:00pm

~Laying hands on the sick...

Telling someone about Jesus ~

The preparation for Touch the Future involves more than vacuuming and cooking; the congregation of Souls Harbor fasts and prays in anticipation of a mighty moving of God's Spirit to bless, renew, and direct the many ministries present.

Besides the complimentary meals, there are also teaching-sessions both of which are only for those ministers whose pastor has approved their registration.

There are also powerful General Sessions of worship and the Word for all of those registered and not registered. The local restaurants and hotels are prepared to serve you as you gather for fellowship.


Fri, 7:30pm